Allergy Treatment

Dr. Pascal’s Allergy Elimination Program
No Shots. No Drugs. No Avoidance.

Join Thousands of Patients and Get Better. Fast.

 Dr. Pascal’s revolutionary holistic allergy elimination technique has helped thousands of patients overcome their symptoms to food, seasonal, environmental and animal sensitivities including: dairy, shellfish, eggs, pollen, grass, perfume, mold and cats. Patients see an improvement in record time, without shots, drugs, or avoidance. ​

In office testing is done to determine the type and severity of each allergy, so that treatment is prioritized to maximize health — especially those allergies that take a toll on the immune system. Unlike medical programs that require five years of shots that yield a meager 30% success rate, Dr. Pascal’s patients begin to feel better in record time, and see an astounding 90% improvement within just three months.